The Dan and Andrea Adventures

Since Dan and I started working together we have talked about planning a trip for him to come over to London.  The aim is to meet our number 35 team, visit our showrooms, be introduced to some of our clients and of course meet some press… and if we have some spare time, work on our  future 35.DL collections.

FINALLY Dan has just finished filming The Good Wife Season 5 – and at the same time a new pilot for CBS.. phew, not sure how he does it.. 16 hour days for nearly 4 weeks with no breaks AT ALL! So now he’s going to have a long deserved holiday and then the poor thing has us to contend with…

This is where the planning phase starts.. AND for the first time ever we will be hosting a reception for Dan and he has agreed to do a talk to our VIP clients, press and personal friends. What has he let himself in for??

On the other hand Kristina thinks it’s just going to be a holiday so is already thinking of all the possible restaurants we could go to… I hate to disappoint her,  but Duck and Waffle and Sumosan will most likely be overshadowed by interviews, press meetings and fabric hunting.

We are really excited that he is coming and can’t wait for him to meet our clients.. see our clothes worn by amazing women and meet the customers that make number 35 tick.