The Times

Small things please us here at number 35.. for example, getting our first article/mention in a major newspaper. In fact we were so excited that I forgot to buy the paper. It was Anna, our great PR, who emailed me first thing to ask if our mention was in.

Charlotte ran to our local newsagents whilst we avidly awaited her return. Excitedly (is this exciting enough?) we rummaged through the magazine to the ‘How to Get Dressed Page’ to await our fate, and there in front of us was the headline “What number 35 sells isn’t Fashion it’s clothes”

Mmmm do I like that? I read on and actually, although the article wasn’t selling us as I would sell us, it was in fact a realistic and honest approach to what we do, which is offer our clients great clothes that have a twist of something different.

Hilary’s observation of the monochrome and limited palette was interesting.. of course she is perfectly correct. I have to defend myself here, my love of great prints prevents me buying shocking fabric designs that make women look like they are part of some dodgy wallpaper display! So when I do come across a great print, my clients know that it’s worth purchasing for posterity if nothing else.

So to conclude, a wonderful gushing article would have been amazing but actually a realistic, down to earth description is what number 35 is all about. So thank you Hilary Rose, if you’d like to write more we’d be happy to read it!