The Easter Beauty

Kristina Wrote… Easter Weekend is interesting as we never know what to expect. Will there be a queue outside the number 35 showrooms in the morning or will it be so quiet that you are desperate for human contact by the end of the day (okay, it’s never THAT quiet!).

This weekend has been a mix of both and just today morning we saw the most fabulous new client walk in. An elegant, sophisticated woman, with perfect skin, no make up, effortless style and a beautiful aura. Turns out she wasn’t in her early 50s as her face showed, but 20 years older! Needless to say we were gobsmacked. She told us about her life during the 50s and the necessity to make her own patterns as well as her own shoes and accessories. The need to own high quality tailored made clothing stayed with her for half a century and she now struggles to find someone who can fill that gap in her wardrobe.

Ah, but we can. Number 35 to the rescue!

It’s fascinating to see how clothing can help women express themselves on so many different levels… and understanding that is part of running a successful retail and design business. Some of your clients will want to be empowered, others aspire to look like the models in magazines, most want their bodies to look like a better version of what they are, and a very small percentage just want to be taken back to their youth and enjoy the feel of a tailor made leather coat that they know is theirs and only theirs…