We can finally sleep!

It is safe to say that we have almost recovered from our event on last Thursday… What a day !

At 9 am poor Kristina was already in our Fulham road showroom, getting her hair and makeup done, followed by Nicci, Marije (who had flown in from the States only 18 hours ago) and myself. Many stopped to stare at the chaos that is normally our calm and collected shop.. some even asked if we sell clothing AND have a hair salon (perhaps I should rewrite number 35’s business plan?!). With the mad rush that was that morning, we managed to knock over 2 glasses of champagne, change the presentation slideshow at the very last minute and rush Kristina over to the Athenaeum Hotel, where the event was taking place, an hour earlier than planned.

By around 4pm, two hours away from showtime, I must have given my staff a few heart attacks with my constant outbursts of: ‘OH MY GOD do we have the thing!!?? Where’s the thing!? Oh it’s right here..’ or  ‘Is Charlotte bringing the trousers? WHERE ARE THE TROUSERS??? I need the… oh, they’re hanging up..’

I soon realized I was about to get evicted from the preparation room so a strange calm settled over me (or maybe that was the champagne we had to celebrate Nicci’s Birthday?).

The zen-like me took over throughout the event, and thankfully so, because it gave me the opportunity to appreciate how many of our loyal clients and friends showed up… not to mention the amount of interest and positive feedback we received from new faces as well. It gave me the ability to see how far we’ve come in the past few years and all the people around me that have made it possible.

Okay, enough with the award-winner speech, time to get some rest… until the madness starts again!