Zip Rip Disaster

Now that our 35.DL showcase is over and we’ve had so much great feedback…. there is something we must confess.

Of course, like anyone else who has ever organised a big event in a matter of weeks, we were prepared for anything to go wrong. I had made a mental list of all the possible things that we could fail at: Forgetting some of the new clothing, not hiring enough models, leaving the USB drive with the presentation at home, my dress/shoes/makeup/hair getting ruined etc etc

My mental list did NOT include Kristina’s zip splitting moments before the presentation and three people having push her naked behind into the fixed version just as we were about to go on. And yes, that really did happen.

There we were, putting final touches on the models’ first outfits for the presentation and Kristina looking smart in her size -6 leather trim dress. Just as I let out a sigh of relief and convinced myself that nothing has gone wrong, she bends down to adjust her shoe and… CRACK. The entire zip of the dress bursts open and breaks. Dan to the rescue! He instinctively grabs a pin and scissors and moments later, the zip is a few inches shorter, but FIXED. Now how do we get Kristina into the already tiny dress that now only unfastens to the waist? Simple- she holds on to Dan as three people push her backside into the dress. Our new team member Charlotte was staring from a distance in disbelief, was this what she had signed up for! Kristina was laughing hysterically and poor Dan was so intent on the zip not breaking again, he didn’t ¬†flinch an inch at this half naked girl gripping his shoulders so tightly.

All I can say is – thank God I stopped Kristina from having even MORE cake that week… it was a small miracle that we actually got her into that dress in the first place, never mind the broken version.. Oh well a lesson learnt, Kristina stops eating cake, chocolate and custards creams 2 weeks before our next event.. FINAL