A Shock to the System

A blog written by Katie, our intern who will be with us until mid August:

‘I’ve been planning this internship since December of last year, and after my interview with Kristina and after talking to Andrea via email, I still wasn’t sure what to expect.

My first preconceived notion was that I’d be like Andy from Devil Wears Prada, a phone constantly buzzing and orders being barked at me. My first couple of weeks have proven that to be false.

My first two weeks have been a whirlwind of learning and fitting myself in amongst London. Coming from a small town in America to the bustling city was quite the culture shock. When I speak I immediately get double takes since I don’t have the English accent. I’m constantly getting asked where I’m from and I usually get a dumbfounded look since not many know where Oregon is among the States (hint: it’s right above California). I’ve never been out of my country before either, but I have been to New York which doesn’t compare to the vastness of London, and the more I run around with the Number 35 team, the less vast the city seems to become.

The atmosphere at number 35 is lively and productive, friendly and dynamic. The team is in constant motion; whether that’s assisting clients or working on the next collection, the atmosphere is never dull. Whenever I have a question, everyone is more than happy to answer. I feel myself slowly but surely becoming part of the team, especially since everyone is so welcoming and we all like to have a laugh here and there.

With six weeks to go, I’m looking forward to learning more and assisting as much as I can to make Number 35 the best it can be. I can already feel London becoming my home away from home.’