Picture Perfect

This morning we welcomed a well known photographer to our Highgate Showroom… She photographs and interviews for The Sun, the Ham&High and has worked with practically every celebrity you can think of. Needless to say, we were very honored to meet her. I told Caron a little bit about how number 35 started, how 35.DL came along and why The Body Forum is such a great extension to what we offer our clients. She seemed impressed with how far we’ve come in the short time that number 35 has been around and even asked to take a few photos of me for our feature in the Ham&High (coming out this Thursday!).

There are many different directions I can take this in … but instead, I am going to tell you about the fun that was Caron taking pictures of me. Let’s just say that Kristina stood in the background and laughed at my not-so-modely poses while Caron kept rotating her camera and snapping away…shots of me dressing mannequins, standing outside the shop, smiling at a leather jacket (very natural, I know) and a few others that I’m very curious to see now! I tried to remember Kristina’s words of wisdom when it came to posing : ‘stretch your neck out’, ‘lean away from the camera’, ’tilt to one side with hand on hips’ …but somehow I still managed to stay straight on, face the camera and appear neckless. Fantastic.

I heard the camera adds 10 pounds… which is a shame, as all that dieting seems to go to waste now. But after hearing some model- anorexia horror stories that Caron so vividly told us, lunch time rolled around and I got a huge piece of Shepherds pie and Kristina rewarded herself with a big jam doughnut. Normal activities resume!