Charlotte’s time at number 35 so far…

Our newest team member, Charlotte, shares her experience at number 35 so far…:


‘So, I’ve been here at number 35 for 4 months now, and all I can think is “wow, that’s gone by so quickly”

In my interview I was warned that there would be a lot of running around London, tight deadlines and things constantly happening. To which I thought, “yeah, sounds great” As i’d always seen myself as a very calm and able-to-handle-anything kind of person.


WELL, There are some days I forget what its like to even sit down now. From the beginnings of a design to the end process of collecting the garments from our manufacturers, I would never have thought there were so many different aspects to think about. However I can safely say I have enjoyed every minute of it!


Andrea, Kristina and Nicci have all made it so easy to dive right in and I feel like I’ve been here forever!’