The World Retail Congress

We had some really brilliant news this week, thankfully that seems to be the norm these days.. Several weeks ago we received an email from UKTI (we are on a programme called Make it Global, well I think it’s called that anyway!) to invite small/medium companies to write about themselves in less than 100 words…and if you’re picked out of all the entries you have the opportunity to attend the World Retail Congress and get to hear first hand what the future of retail holds for the UK and other markets. The email said that our application had been accepted and that I would be given a free place to attend the conference in Paris at the end of September!

For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I get very upset that small retail businesses like mine (and thousands of others) have a really rough time in the UK ¬†paying ridiculous business rates and receiving very little support to help keep them going. Councils allowing far too many charity shops, estate agents and betting shops to destroy an already weak high street and these councils seem to shrug off the responsibility as to how their local high street could or should be developed. My bone of contention is that young entrepreneurs and creative designers¬† are not encouraged to start retail businesses and help change the face of UK retailing, so we are left with the same copycat rubbish from one high street in the South to the same rubbish in the North. How much better would it be to see innovative and creative businesses attracting new customers onto our failing high streets?

So to conclude: I intend to go and I intend to TRY and get heard and see if the big companies and strong retail influencers are willing to listen and put their necks out to change what currently looks like a slow walk to disaster for Britain’s high street. Wish me luck, looks like I might need it.