Ishika’s first week at number 35

Our new intern, Ishika, has just completed her MA at Regents University for Luxury Brand Management. However, nothing could have prepared her for the madness that is an average week at number 35! Here is what her first week looked like:

‘Before I interviewed at Number 35, little idea did I have of the immense opportunity that awaited me. While I really liked my first interaction with Kristina and Andrea, what amazed me most was how humble and nice they were. I was also really excited by the amount of responsibility that they were willing to give to a fresh intern.

My first few days at number 35 have been a rollercoaster, looking into wide spectrum of activities like understanding fabrics, setting up window displays and collecting materials from manufacturers. Given my strong interest in both fashion and marketing this is an ideal opportunity for me to hone some of the skills and tools I picked up during my masters in luxury brand management.

I enjoy challenges and that was my key rationale for starting at Number 35, since the role provided an opportunity to work on so many different things, some of which are outside my comfort zone. The added benefit of this internship is that by the end of it I would have seen more of London than I have seen in the past year and a half that I’ve been in London.

I find myself privileged to be working with such an amazingly talented group of people who design and manage such a fabulous collection and brand. It is also a nice, fun team to work for where people care about each other!

I am really looking forward to the rest of my days at number 35 and am hoping to learn more about women’s fashion while having fun in the process.’