The Move-Clerkenwell

It feel like eons since I last blogged about happenings at number35 –  and it is frighting how much we managed to achieve in the last 6 months of the year. In September, whilst the rain was beating down on our lovely Fulham Road shop, we realised this wonderful unique little building was falling apart. Then enter a rather interesting Polish builder who had been working on the building next door. He had been on the scafolding and took a picture of our rather sad roof and saw a business opportunity to replace the roof and make himself a quick thousand quid.. instead I sent the photos to the landlord – who immediately knew a new roof was due, and that meant 3 month works without a tenant. Our lease was up March 2015 so we agreed to come out early and my wish of a new studio with space and light was drawing decidedly near..
Within 4 weeks we had found an amazing space in Clerkenwell surrounded by other creative businesses, like TV production companies, Architects and other fashion brands to name a few and we started to organise the shift to our new world. Little did we know in October, that by the time Christmas had come our working lives would be so completely different.

It’s now the 10th January 2015.. and Fulham Road funnily enough feels like it was something in our distant past. On the 14th December, our last day there, when everyone had left the building, I spent 5 mins in quiet contemplation saying goodbye to my life that was… and welcoming all our changes.. so if you’re in the Clerkenwell area, pop by say hello and let us welcome you to our new studio.