Limited Editions

We’ve had such a manic few months….Almost everything we’ve made in the first half of the season has gone (not complaining!) and we’ve just taken on the challenge of designing both Autumn Winter 15/16 AND Spring Summer 16 at the same time! This is something most designers don’t do, but we’re a little crazy, if you haven’t noticed yet.. and needless to say, our heads are swimming in fabrics, colours, drawings and patterns at the best of times. To celebrate how well Spring Summer has started off, we won’t go into a mid season sale like most brands do. Instead, we’re introducing Limited Edition pieces in our showrooms – beautiful evening trousers, cotton dresses for the summer, cropped raw silk trousers, unique tops with textured fabrics and a few more bits and pieces that we are keeping a surprise for now! So come on in, we are always happy to see you and help you look and feel fabulous wherever you go (wearing number 35 obviously!).