Read the article “How small teams can achieve big results” on Entrepreneur to find out more about London based work wear brand number35.

Entrepreneur Magazine on number35

If you’ve ever watched The Good Wife on CBS and loved the clothes, you may be surprised that one of the main designers dressing the likes of Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski on the small screen isn’t a billion-dollar brand, but a 10-year-old one, number35, which has a team of less than 10 people collectively in London and New York City.

So how does a small company go from unknown to being featured on four major TV shows, dressing major celebrities and increasing revenue year after year? Moreover, how do they get everything done?

I spoke with number35 CEO Andrea Cohen about how a small team can get big results. Cohen says that she was informed by a background that included working in both large and small businesses.