Smart Works & number35 present…


Smart Works is a wonderful Charity that helps women who can’t afford the wardrobe they deserve on their path to success. More than just preparing women for their interviews, they also assist in dressing correctly for the occasion. During dressing sessions, Smart Works stylists source the perfect outfit both for the job they’re applying for and for individual personalities. Providing clients with an invaluable sense of confidence and empowerment.


The support doesn’t end here, it continues when the client gets hired! Smart Works takes care of providing clients with a complete “work wardrobe” and the motivation to further their career.


“Over 95% of their clients reported that a visit to Smart Works significantly increased their confidence in succeeding at their job interview.”


The quality of Smart Works services is priceless. In addition, they won the Charity Award in 2017.


Collaborating with Smart Works has been an amazing fit with number35’s spirit and purpose. number35 promotes that quality clothing will make YOU feel confident and empowered in the working arena…

Thank you..

We’d like to thank our clients for their HIGH QUALITY donations. During our Highgate POP-UP last weekend, we collected 75 pieces on behalf of Smart Works in only 2 days. It was very exciting to revisit so many timeless, past-season styles that still looked just as stylish as the day they were purchased. The generosity of our clients proved to us that even on a small scale we can make a big difference. Beth Robertson, our main point of contact and dedicated Smart Works’ volunteer, was ecstatic to see such generosity and willingness to participate among our wonderful clients.


Next time your wardrobe calls for a clear-out, don’t act with too much haste as excitingly, we’d like to team-up with Smart Works more regularly. We’ll be carrying out our collections at the end of both summer and winter, the perfect occasion for getting rid of the seasonal clothes you don’t wear anymore! Give them a second life in helping Smart Works clients to “get the confidence and get the job”.


Don’t hesitate to contact Smart Works via their website for more information on volunteering or on how to host your own clothes drive. Also for advice or help in clearing your wardrobe please email us, 


“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank, Diary of Anne Frank: The Play