Andrea Cecile Cohen

Borne out of necessity, number35 was founded by Andrea Cecile Cohen in October 2005. Andrea needed an Intelligent Wardrobe that was fit for purpose. Simple, elegant designs that fit perfectly, but also looked good and travelled well.

After years of being dissatisfied with the clothes available for professional women and seeing that other women struggled with the same issue, Andrea took matters into her own hands and created number35.

In October 2005 the first London showroom was launched in Highgate Village. A collection of essential elements and ‘must-have’ pieces were carefully curated. A full alteration service ensured that the clothes were tailored perfectly for each client.

Andrea, through the advent of social media, connected with Daniel Lawson. Renowned Costume Designer of CBS’s hit show ‘The Good Wife’. They quickly became keen collaborators. number35’s clothes were featured regularly on the show’s lead actresses and became the go-to brand for international working women. In 2015, Andrea & Dan created 35.DL – a distinctive sub-line of contemporary pieces with a subtle nod to the classics.

Andrea’s vision for number35 is to design an Intelligent Wardrobe, which serves to recognise the importance of building a collection of strong, investment pieces that work seamlessly together. It’s a philosophy that ensures every piece of clothing owned actually adds value to our wardrobe – they’re each versatile, timeless and well constructed.

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