Entrepreneur Wardrobe

Designed to support women on their career path. The Entrepreneur Wardrobe is the perfect solution.

Made up of 5 beautifully fluid and simple pieces manufactured to the highest of standards in the UK. Constructed from a luxurious Italian fabric. The clothes are designed to flatter the body, travel well and take you from the office to an after work engagement seamlessly.

The Entrepreneur’s pack retails for £1800 and consists of the classic perfect fit pencil skirt, the waist accentuating Mugler jacket, the cool classic trouser and the ¾ sleeve shift dress. A must for all working women. The collection comes to completion with a white jersey top to pair with both the pencil skirt and trouser.

As part of the Entrepreneur’s wardrobe we offer a 30min skype consultation, which is a part of our Body Forum workshop. The Body Forum has been developed over many years of observing and understanding how we as women act towards ourselves. The Body Forum™ is a tool designed to help women create inner peace and harmony within. The key is to understand your body image and how that image is portrayed to the outside world, what it illustrates and why it matters. For more information please see our Body Forum Website.
During this call, a trusted number35 team member will provide you the tips, tricks and tools to develop inner empowerment
for both professional and personal success. For more details please email us at info@no.35.co.uk.
Good luck on your new path to become the best Entrepreneur you can be!
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