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Be inspired by some amazing women and their stories. I believe there is something unique about the number35 client, hopefully this page will illustrate why! We carefully select news and editorial links that will inspire and encourage like minded business women. We hope you enjoy reading.

Laura Cox Kaplan is the creator and host of the She Said/She Said podcast. An interview style program that weaves personal and professional development advice into a conversation about women and the ways in which they lead, share their insights, and impact the world.

Laura began her career as a senior-level US government official, then as an executive at PWC. Laura is now an adjunct professor as well as an experienced public speaker.

“When I created She Said/She Said, it was with a specific goal in mind, to showcase the unique and important ways in which women lead, and inspire others to have a positive impact on the world.

The response has been incredibly positive and gratifying. Laura said. “One-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to how we view the world and choose to lead. The more we showcase a broader and more diverse model of leadership and embrace diversity of thought and opinion, the better and more inspiring and encouraging for all women.

Whilst personal stories certainly resonate with our audience, I think the greatest impact on our listener, is the authentic way in which my guests talk about the challenges they encountered. Things like, overcoming self-doubt, understanding and articulating your value and not taking negative feedback personally,” She quickly points out, “It’s not about being anti-man or pro-woman, however it’s important to understand that we often encounter the world differently. These conversations have really helped me think more deeply about my own journey, and I’m delighted that they are proving helpful for others as well.”

To listen to Laura’s inspirational interviews please follow this link.